Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. ~Confucius

Like most people, I love music.  As a kid I would put my tape recorder (see right) up to the speaker of my radio and record my favorite songs, creating some very amateur "mix tapes".  Over the years my mix tapes have become more technologically advanced (now I guess you would call them "mix cds") but I still haven't lost my love for putting my favorite tunes together onto one album. One of the best things about mix tapes is sharing my favorite music with friends and family.  So, I thought I would start creating some cyber-mix tapes for this blog as a way to keep sharing all the tunes that I love.  The following are songs that I am listening to at the moment (a mini-mix, if you will):

Details In the Fabric > Jason Mraz (feat. James Morrison) - generally it is hit or miss for me with Jason but I was won over by Morrison's throaty vocals and the message for healing a broken heart.
Human > The Killers - the beat of this song is fantastic and I love Brandon Flowers' voice.
Black Flowers > Yo La Tengo - I first heard Yo La Tengo while I was working at Good Blue Monday (my first barista job).  I loved their sound then and am in love with the horns in this song.
Quiet Dog > Mos Def - I dare you not to shake your bootie!
Towards the Sun > Alexi Murdoch - I have only a couple of Alexi Murdoch songs in my iTunes library but after seeing 'Away We Go' (which features a lot of his music) I was inspired to get some more.  It is so peaceful. 
Who You Gonna Turn To > Trevor Hall - I discovered this artist last fall and immediately was obsessed with his voice and reggae vibe.  I have read that he has many religious influences (buddhism, christianity, and judaism) which is often reflected in his music.  This song definitely has a spiritual feel to it.
Empire > Trampled By Turtles - I may be biased, since my cousin Tim is the bass player for TBT, but man, these guys make seriously great music.  I love their twist on traditional bluegrass and this song is perfect for singing along.
Born Again > Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons - I first time I saw/heard Cory Chisel was by accident at Cafe Montmartre (R.I.P.).  They were playing and I was there drinking some wine and they blew me away.  This song is a perfect example of his amazing vocals and intense lyrics.
Forever> Chris Brown - so, this is my guilty pleasure right now (that I am loathe to admit) but you'll understand when you watch this video that my BFF Tracy posted on FB:

Oh God, it never gets old (and I can't help but love the song)!  


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