Friday, August 7, 2009

casual chic

One of the things I have been thinking about doing on my blog is a regular fashion styling "feature" (once a week?).  I am obsessed with styling clothes (for myself, but I really love to do it for other people).  My new discovery,, is a great way to do some cyber-styling for you all and anyone you decide to share it with -  please do! 

I like to call my personal style "casual chic" (term stolen from  Since I like to be comfortable I go for natural fabrics like cotton and linen.  And I usually am wearing fairly neutral colors like gray, white, navy, green, and some brown. Because I love to accessorize, I generally stick with solids.  I like to keep my looks simple so prints sometimes get to be too much. But, I don't ever rule out a great print - stripes, small florals, and plaids being my faves. As much as I like to style clothes, I don't like to spend a lot of time deciding what to wear in the morning - there is nothing worse than not being able to decide what to wear, am I right?  So, I always make sure I have a few pieces that I really, really love and know that every time I put them on I will feel good.  This summer I have been living in soft knit dresses, skirts, and cutoffs with tees and floaty tops. I usually throw on some big earrings (gold being my preference), vintage beads, or my 'C' necklace.  I live in flip flops but also have a pair of gladiators from Old Navy that I LOVE (and that will probably fall apart by the end of the summer).

With that said, here are some styling ideas based off of my personal style.  You can click on the picture for more details about the items.  I should forewarn you though, I didn't put this together with price in mind and polyvore has a range of cheap to very, very expensive items. But, everything here can easily be replicated at any of the stores within our budgets.  Enjoy!  

my style by @chloe featuring Old Navy

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