Monday, December 21, 2009

movin' on up!

The time has come to pick up my roots and move to a new home. I have been itching to make some changes so I have decided to use a new blogging platform: Tumblr. Please come visit me at:

See you soon!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

the swinging sixties!

I have been a little lazy lately about posting. It is kind of like exercising ... if you fall off the wagon it is hard to get back on! Between going home for Thanksgiving and starting my new job I have had a little less time to focus on my blog. However, now that I am feeling settled at the job and home for a bit before heading back to MN for Christmas, I need to work it back into my new routine! So over dinner tonight I started what one might call inspiration association and lo and behold this is where it led me. It went something like this:

*Grace Coddington styled photo shoots - Kate Moss - Kate Moss magazine covers - Kate Moss Vogue covers - magazine covers in general - favorite Vogue covers - vintage Vogue covers - which led me to all these GORGEOUS 1960s Vogue covers*

April, 1963

May, 1963

May, 1966

October, 1967

December, 1968

October, 1969

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love jewelry.

I have said this before, but I think that jewelry is the easiest way to make an otherwise basic outfit pop. Whether it is a pretty necklace, some statement earrings, or a big cocktail ring, jewelry can transform an outfit from basic to interesting in no time flat. At times I have found that I can be more daring with jewelry than I can with clothes and still feel comfortable. Plus, jewelry is great when you are not feeling very creative while getting dressed - take the pressure off yourself and just pick out a couple of fun bracelets! Finally, the best thing is that you can buy it on the cheap. There are so many great places to track down inexpensive, fun pieces. Below you will find some great options to get your jewelry collection started. I have included a few options that will put a little bit bigger dent in your wallet because I do think that it is occasionally worth spending a little extra on something you love! Click on the picture to link to the item.


left: shopruche - $14.99
right: forever 21 - $14.80

left: forever 21 - $4.80
right: anthropologie - $42

left: anthropologie - $48
right: forever 21 - $8.80


left: urban outfitters - $12
right: forever 21 - $7.80

left: topshop - $30
right: shopruche - $32.99


left: forever 21 - $6.80
right: modcloth - $15.99

left: modcloth - $14.99
right: forever 21 - $5.80

left: modcloth - $12.99
right: shopruche - $9.99

left: anthropologie - $28
right: anthropologie - $38

left: modcloth - $12.99
right: shopruche - $12.99

A few last tips:

--Banana Republic and Anthropologie have great sale jewelry so always check that out first. I have never bought anything full price at Banana because their sale bin is so fantastic.
--J. Crew also has super interesting, different stuff but it is a little pricier.
--I wander through the Target jewelry section EVERY time I go there. It is rare for me to not leave with something. I had trouble putting their pictures on my blog otherwise I would have some of their jewelry on here!
--Don't forget about vintage jewelry! St. Vinny's is a haven of great jewelry that no one else will have. $2 earring and $3 necklaces - you cannot go wrong!

Monday, November 16, 2009

best $20 ever spent.

This last week has been a concert marathon for me with shows by Trampled by Turtles, Bob Schneider, The Treats, Bruce Springsteen, and Cait and The Girls (this Wednesday 6-8 @ High Noon Saloon). Each show was great for different reasons: TBT is my cousin Tim's band, I am a longtime fan of Bob Schneider and haven't heard him live in years, The Treats are a local band that I love (you can read about them in a previous post), The Boss, well, that's pretty obvious, and CATG is headed up by my good friend Cait Shanahan. The highlight, of course, has been The Boss - but our night with Bob Schneider and his fantastic openers was the best $20 I have ever spent. We were so blown away by the show I thought I would try to share it with all of you. The videos don't really do them justice but at least you get the idea!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

feeling creative ...

I am trying to get my creative juices flowing and this is what came out:

{moleskin notebook, black ink, and rose photo from vogue}

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

street style fashion inspiration

I love to follow street style on fashion websites because I like to see how regular people are interpreting fashion rather than a stylist or fashion editor. The following pictures are of girls and boys who I think got it right and look pretty damn fabulous.

I love the ease of this look. She looks comfortable yet chic and the color combination of the skirt, shirt, and purse are perrfffect! And you know how much I love a good scarf...

I thought I would include a couple of men in this post for the few men who follow my blog. I always like a guy who cares about what he wears but isn't too "done up". This is a great casual, but hip, look. I know there are conflicting opinions about men wearing scarves, but I dig it!

A great example of how easy it is to use accessories to work color into an outfit. And I lOVE her bag!

I often shy away from black and white when I pick out an outfit. I feel like I should be catering a wedding! But this look shows that it can be done. The ruffles on the top make it fun and flirty and the blue shoes ... well, they are just frickin' fabulous.

I have always loved these mod-style dresses. They are so 1960s Twiggy. The short skirt is balanced out by the long sleeves, giving you some coverage. Instead of the knee highs and short boots I would just wear tall black boots.

I love that she belts the cardigan to create some shape. And the purple tights are so cool - I am trying to figure out how to do colored tights and she is great inspiration!

Here's another guy whose look I am liking. I love his sneaks and that plaid shirt with the letter jacket is very stylin'.

Great necklaces! What an easy way to make her otherwise simple shirt pop!

I pretty much love everything about this outfit. The contrast of her flowered skit with all that black is just so brilliant. It really shows off the skirt yet keeps it from being too precious. And then, of course that camel colored scarf and her quilted bag ... love.

Turquoise tights ... need I say more?

Well, there are so many things that I like about this girl's outfit. First of all, I love pencil skirts ... especially those with a high waist. I also think her sweater is incredible - long sweaters are a great fall coat option and I am a sucker for stripes. Finally, that big orange bag adds a nice dose of color.

all photos courtesy of copenhagenstreetstyle