Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a little something

When I started this blog I wanted to post something everyday but have found that some of the things I am working on take a fair amount of time to write and edit. Not to mention getting the photos organized. But my friend Rena told me today that I should try to post everyday!  So, after talking with her, I decided that if I don't have something ready then I will just post something little.  A quote, a picture, a thought, or whatever presents itself during my day that is interesting. So, today I decided to post the piece of art that I bought at Madison's Art Fair on the Square a few weeks ago.  I posted the artist's link on Facebook recently but I wanted to show you all what I bought! Mine actually has an olive green background and blond hair but otherwise this is it!

The artist is Dolan Geiman and his website is: www.dolangeiman.com

Check it out!

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