Saturday, October 10, 2009

need some new music?

These are some great artists that I thought all you music lovers out there might be interested in. They all have unique sounds and fantastic lyrics. Enjoy!

I was introduced to Blind Pilot by my friend Rena (who is always discovering great new music). Their album is called 3 Rounds and a Sound (buy it here or download it from iTunes). It is one of those rare albums where you like every song and can listen to it endlessly without getting sick of it. Love that!

I first heard Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons crammed onto the tiny stage at Cafe Montmartre. I was there with a friend, neither of us with any knowledge of who they were or that there was even music that night. They blew us away! A local boy from Appleton, WI, check out Cory's website and buy his latest album called "Death Won't Send a Letter" on iTunes. His most recent EP Cabin Ghosts and his first album Little Birds are awesome too! P.S. These guys just made their television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on October 9th.

Jim James is the man behind the band My Morning Jacket (who Rena also introduced me to a few years back). They have been around for awhile and have tons of albums. This song is an oldie (I tend to like their older stuff better) but it is my favorite. If you don't listen to them yet, I highly suggest you start to! Better yet, if you can see them live, DO IT! We saw them at Summerfest a few years ago and it was incredible.

The Treats are my most recent musical discovery. I saw them at The Frequency in Madison in late September. We knew some people who knew some people in the band so after listening to Cory Chisel at The Majestic we wandered over. It turned out to be an awesome show so I did a little bargaining with the lead singer, Andrew Isham, and ended up with both of their cds for $5 (all the cash I had on me). I have been listening to Reservoir Tales (buy it here or on iTunes) non-stop ever since (some favorite songs are Better Things to Do, Come Around, Like an Animal, and Ever Been Down?). I would call them a rock-and-roll band but there are so many other things going on that it would be hard to label them as such. Just imagine your favorite aspects of blues, pop, country, and punk thrown together with a heavy dose of rock-and-roll and you get a very catchy, authentic sound that is The Treats.

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