Sunday, October 4, 2009

my celebrity style crushes

This post is a little superficial, I am not going to pretend otherwise, but as a fashion follower I am always looking for a little inspiration. These ladies are always making fabulous fashion choices (in my opinion) and and have the similar qualities of being unique, interesting, daring, and ahead of the curve.

{Alexa Chung}
I love how even when she is dressed up she is casual. I like to dress up, but in Madison I always feel a little self-conscious in a skirt and heels. So, I love how she adds tee-shirts and casual cardigans to make her looks more accessible. And, of course, her casual looks seem effortless (such a cliche fashion term) but oh well... it's true.

{Ashley Olsen}
So, I think that most people either love or hate the Olsen twins. I love them. Particularly Ashley. MK's random, crazy fashion choices are so daring -which I envy - but they are not as easy for the average person to pull off! Ashley, on the other hand, while always ahead of the curve with trends, is a little more classic and cool. I like how she isn't overtly sexy, but yet very sexy.

{Kate Bosworth}
Kate, to me, is very underrated. Her look is so chic but a little wild at the same time:
sleeves/gloves with a feathered, sequined cocktail dress, hippie patterned dress with a scarf, and shorts with a blazer. It's not that everything she wears hasn't been done before but its the way she exudes such confidence with her choices. She can pull of the unusual because she has the balls to do it!

{Kate Moss}
The icon of all fashion icons, Kate Moss can wear anything. She has no boundaries, it seems, when it comes to fashion. Her fashion sense always suggests to me that she has an endless amount of personas that she presents to the world. I love how these pictures go from L.A. casual, to fashion-forward, big eighties shoulders, to fur-clad British hipster, to preppy cardigan and shorts and demure handbag. I love it.

Who are your celebrity style crushes?

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  1. Reese Witherspoon always looks put together and beautiful... but looks like she can handle her kids at the same time. And always has fabulous bags!