Thursday, December 3, 2009

the swinging sixties!

I have been a little lazy lately about posting. It is kind of like exercising ... if you fall off the wagon it is hard to get back on! Between going home for Thanksgiving and starting my new job I have had a little less time to focus on my blog. However, now that I am feeling settled at the job and home for a bit before heading back to MN for Christmas, I need to work it back into my new routine! So over dinner tonight I started what one might call inspiration association and lo and behold this is where it led me. It went something like this:

*Grace Coddington styled photo shoots - Kate Moss - Kate Moss magazine covers - Kate Moss Vogue covers - magazine covers in general - favorite Vogue covers - vintage Vogue covers - which led me to all these GORGEOUS 1960s Vogue covers*

April, 1963

May, 1963

May, 1966

October, 1967

December, 1968

October, 1969

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