Monday, November 16, 2009

best $20 ever spent.

This last week has been a concert marathon for me with shows by Trampled by Turtles, Bob Schneider, The Treats, Bruce Springsteen, and Cait and The Girls (this Wednesday 6-8 @ High Noon Saloon). Each show was great for different reasons: TBT is my cousin Tim's band, I am a longtime fan of Bob Schneider and haven't heard him live in years, The Treats are a local band that I love (you can read about them in a previous post), The Boss, well, that's pretty obvious, and CATG is headed up by my good friend Cait Shanahan. The highlight, of course, has been The Boss - but our night with Bob Schneider and his fantastic openers was the best $20 I have ever spent. We were so blown away by the show I thought I would try to share it with all of you. The videos don't really do them justice but at least you get the idea!

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